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Our farm holidays is surrounded by the green of the province of Ancona

Le Bucoliche company, besides the activities of hospitality and reception for  people interested to discover the Marche region, also develops an intense farming activity. Situated in Osimo, the farm has been developed in a wonderful scenic area of the Ancona province, in which you can enjoy the fresh air that is particularly strategic for the growth of numerous cultures and vegetations.
The farm is distributed along 35 hectares of land in which cereals, sugar beets, vegetables and fruit are cultivated.
The gourmets who stay in our farm holiday can taste the flavors of our land such as salami, cheeses, wine, olive-oil, honey and jams, in the restaurant located in the ground floor of our bed and breakfast.  

Le Bucoliche farm holiday also boasts an historical production of extra-virgin olive oil obtained by more than two hundred olive trees placed around the farm. By walking through the garden, it is possible to admire breedings of poultries, pigs, sheep and goats.  

Born from the idea of young people who believe in the nature and the traditional agriculture, Le Bucoliche company is divided among the farming activities as fruit and vegetables cultivation, the breeding of animals and the management of bed and breakfast and the restaurant

Discover more about the Le Bucoliche farm holidays Le Bucoliche in Marche Region.

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